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This year, Crain’s Cleveland Business will single out 20 up-and-coming professionals who haven’t turned 30 yet. While their names might not be top of mind and they likely haven’t made their first million yet, there’s no denying these young professionals are making a mark on Northeast Ohio.

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Maybe he or she has started an interesting company or is already disrupting their field for the better. Or perhaps he or she has already made an impact through their philanthropic or civic involvement. Curious what we are looking for?

Check out last year's class.

This year’s class of Twenty in their 20s will be profiled in the June 24 edition of Crain’s Cleveland Business and honored at the November awards reception. Applicants must still be in their 20s as of the publication date.

Deadline to nominate: Monday, March 11, 2019. 

Please note, there is a $25 processing fee for all applications, which must be paid before the nomination will be considered.

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Diversity will be taken into consideration when selecting honorees, including as it relates to the businesses and industries represented, as well as geography, age, race, culture, gender and experience.